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Creating a substance-free safety culture and environment for everyone.

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Improving the safety standards across various industries.




Maritime, Oil and Gas

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  • What is Chain of Custody?
    • Oct, 26, 2020
    • admin

    What is Chain of Custody?

    Drug and Alcohol results can have life-changing consequences for the donor. Due to this reason, it is vital to handle every single sample meticulously. Chain of…

  • Saliva COVID-19 Test Kits
    • Oct, 20, 2020
    • admin

    Saliva COVID-19 Test Kits

    A Singapore-based medical company has devised a quicker, less invasive test for detecting the COVID-19 coronavirus. Veredus Laboratories launched two new test kits on Thursday…

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Service
    • Jun, 17, 2020
    • Sigmund Ang

    Drug and Alcohol Testing Service

    We are committed to developing a drug and alcohol-free workplace. Providing a safe working environment for your employees is important to protect your business, staff…