ExxonMobil Drug & Alcohol Test Service

27 Apr 2023 | Drugs, Workplace Drug Testing

Clarityscreening is the provider of drug and alcohol testing and approved vendor by ExxonMobil.

Drug Screening Test
We utilize POCT test kits for drug screening, which can detect the 9 panels required by Exxon. The results are instant and reports are available on the same day.

Our team is trained as Certified Collectors by the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) in the US. Equipped with global capabilities, we conduct drug testing with efficiency and accuracy. From urine specimen collection to collaboration with SAMHSA-accredited labs like Quest Diagnostics, Alere, and Medtox, we ensure thorough confirmatory testing using Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS).

Drug Confirmatory Test:
Non-negative screening specimens are sent to Quest Laboratories Inc. in the USA for comprehensive confirmatory testing. While the process may take 1-3 weeks depending on workload, we provide timely reports to keep clients informed throughout.

Alcohol Confirmatory Test
Utilizing Lifeloc Inc.’s US Department of Transportation Evidential breathalyzer FC-20BT kit, our alcohol confirmatory testing in Singapore delivers instant results, with reports available on the same day.

Flexible Service Options:
We understand the importance of flexibility in testing schedules. Whether it’s pre-employment screenings during standard hours or after-hours, weekends, and public holidays, we accommodate diverse needs with additional options available at nominal costs. Our services extend to random and reasonable suspicion testing, ensuring comprehensive coverage round-the-clock.

Post-Accident Testing:
In critical situations, every minute counts. With our 24/7 post-accident testing service, our responsive team ensures prompt arrival within 100 minutes during workdays and 2-3 hours during public holidays, after office hours, and weekends.

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