A urine drug test, also known as a urine drug screen or a UDS, is a painless test.
Identifies specific drugs or metabolites utilizing antibodies

A urine drug screen can detect illegal and prescription drugs quickly and effectively.
Doctors, sports officials, and employers may request this type of test for various reasons.

The screening can detect a range of substances, including cannabis, nicotine, barbiturates, and opioids
such as heroin and methadone. Some remain traceable in the body longer than others.

What you need to know about urine testing:

Detection window

The length of time a substance is detectable in the urine depends on several factors.

Factors that are dependent on the substance or drug itself include metabolites, half-life, drug interactions, occasional versus chronic use, and last ingestion time.

Patient factors can also dictate detection time, including body mass, urine concentration, and pH of urine. Additionally, there has been variability in detection windows seen from test to test.  

Substances tested for:

  • (AMP) Amphetamines        

  • (BAR) Barbiturates 

  • (BZO) Benzodiazepine           

  • (COC) Cocaine 

  • (KET) Ketamine 

  • (THC) Marijuana 

  • (MTD) Methadone 

  • (MET) Methamphetamine

  • (MQL) Methaqualone       

  • (OXY) Oxycodone 

  • (OPI) Opiates/Morphine    

  • (PCP) Phencyclidine              

  • (PPX) Propoxyphene

  • (TCA)Tricyclic antidepressants 

  • (ALC) Alcohol

Collection method:

We use our instant immunoassay-based test kits for urine specimen collection which allows us to get the result instantly.


  • The drug test is non-invasive. The patient can retreat to a private bathroom. Patients find this comfortable and prefer this type of drug test over others.

  • Drugs can be detected in the urine for a lengthy amount of time. This means that it can be more reliable than other sampling methods.

  • Works well for a variety of testing reasons, including random, pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return-to-duty and follow-up.

  • Uses instant immunoassay-based test kits for urine specimen collection which allows getting the result instantly.


  • Can be difficult to obtain if the patient cannot produce urine at the moment (shy bladder) or due to health complications.

How does urine testing work?

The clean catch method of collecting a urine sample begins with patients washing their hands with soap and water
to remove any germs. Patients may also be instructed to clean their genitals.

Patients begin urinating in the toilet before moving the collection container into the urine stream.
Patients urinate into the collection container until it is filled to a pre-marked level.

Urine drug testing is painless, although some patients may experience anxiety during the collection process.

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