Individual Drug Testing

25 Feb 2021 | Uncategorized

Drug testing has been requested by individuals for various reasons:

– Court-ordered drug testing
– Child custody cases
– Wills and probate disputes
– Divorce Proceedings
– Legal Issues such as driving offences, drug-related offences
– Employment Tribunal proceedings
– Monitoring the presence of drug metabolites in one’s body after legally consuming certain drugs.

The service includes specimen collection for laboratory analysis or instant result.

Here are the full list of drug panels readily available to be tested for:

Here are the full list of drug panels that we can test for:

To know more about the different specimen types available, please click here.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need an appointment for drug testing?
Yes, please call in at +65 6952 0156 or send us an inquiry here to book an appointment for us to administer the test.

What do I need to bring on the day of the drug test?
Please bring along a photo ID on the day of testing.
(Passport/Driving License/National ID)

What should I do to prepare for the test?
Please do not drink excessive water or empty your bladder before the session.

What type of drugs do I need to test for?
If you are taking the test for employment, school, or court, check with your administration to see what drugs they are interested in testing for. If you are not exactly sure, call in or email us to enquire and we can help you.

How long will the drug test results take?
Negative test results are typically available in a day. Otherwise, you will receive the results anytime between 1 working day to 4 weeks. it depends on the type of test required and whether the results are negative or positive.