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1 Sep 2018 | Uncategorized

Drug and Alcohol Policy Creation

Substance abuse can be a major contributor to workplace injuries and decreases in productivity. Drugs are illegal in Singapore and itis a problem that is not openly discussed and difficult to eliminate once it permeates into your workforce. Providing a safe working environment for your employees is important to protect your business, staff and customers.

Having a coherent and thorough drug and alcohol policy in place brings several benefits:

  • A drug and alcohol policy with clear guidelines is critical in creating an environment that is substance for your workforce.
  • A well-written drug and alcohol policy can protect your company from legal liabilities. This includes protection against public liability and unfair dismissal claims.
  • It saves lives, protect assets and reduces injuries.

What is a workplace drug and alcohol policy?

A drug policy is a document that outlines the purposes, boundaries, methodologies, procedures and consequences of your company program for the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse. It affects every single person in your organisation, from the office staff to the workforce in the field.

How to start creating a drug and alcohol policy

To help you begin the policy creation, we will meet with your team to gather information and identify the unique context in which your business operates.

We will put together inputs from many people in your organisation. This includes management, workers, supervisors and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) teams.

It is also crucial to first identify the presence of drug and alcohol use in your company. This will enable us to customize a policy that is bespoke to your needs and business objectives.

What does a drug and alcohol policy cover?

The central part of a drug policy is stating and defining what is and what is not permissible behaviour and practice regarding alcohol and drug use. It should expressly state if you are going to implement limits or a zero-tolerance policy for any and all use of illegal substances in the workplace.

It can also dictate that no employee should arrive to work under the influence of alcohol and drugs. In addition, you can define acceptable and unacceptable behaviours during social events that may have alcohol present.

A well-designed policy should also state the repercussions of said actions and behaviours in unambiguous language that is easy to understand.

Tailoring the drug and alcohol policy for your company

We will help you determine what the consequences will be based on the nature of your business and the environment you aim to create.

Some companies have zero-tolerance to alcohol and drug, and will resort to termination of the drug-using employee.

Some request for rehabilitation of the employee. Finally many organisations use a combination of rehabilitation and penalties depending on the context of the business environment.

Whichever option you eventually select, we will walk you through the process using our expertise. We will create an equitable, bespoke drug and alcohol policy that precisely meets your organisation needs.