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CLARITY [noun] : the quality of being clear and free of contaminants

At Clarity Screening, we come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in drug and alcohol testing.

Everyone is guessing.

Companies do not know if they should use urine, saliva or hair specimen for drug testing. QHSE teams are not sure what they should do when employees are tested positive for drugs or alcohol to ensure the process is being carried out in a fair and non-discriminatory manner while ensuring the defensibility of the results.

Organisations use our services to professionally perform drug and alcohol testing by engaging us to set up and implement corporate policies to create a substance-free environment. Law firms engage us and commission various research project for their clients. Rehabilitation centres work with us to tailor our products to help their residents overcome addictions.

At Clarity Screening, our mission is to implement the global standards in Drugs & Alcohol Testing in Southeast-Asia. We help organizations create and foster a substance-free safety culture and environment


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Alcotech is a very reliable company. We use to purchase their products since the last 5 yrs with a very good service. Good quality products and fast delivery svc. Tq

Izaham Abd Rani

Thawe Marine Pte Ltd has buy some spares from Alcotech Pte Ltd. They are friendly and supportive.

Sienna Ryan

Thawe Marine Pte Ltd

Good supplier, fast response, equipment was delivered as promised. thks!

Gobinath Muniandy

Excellent service. They are supportive and friendly.

Low Yoke Ling Mona

Great service and great equipment provided.


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