CNB officers charged with swapping suspect’s urine sample at Checkpoint

18 Oct 2019 | Drugs, Law Enforcement

SINGAPORE – Three anti-narcotics officers were charged at the State Courts on Friday (18 October) with conspiring to obstruct the course of justice by tampering with a suspect’s urine sample. The incident allegedly occurred in a toilet at Woodlands Checkpoint on 16 August last year. As a result, the suspect passed an instant urine test.

Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) staff sergeant Mohamed Hafiz Lan, 41, is accused of replacing Maung Moe Min’s urine sample with his own. Meanwhile, staff sergeant Abdul Rahman Kadir, 43, and sergeant Muhammad Zuhairi Zainuri, 31, are accused of abetting Hafiz in the conspiracy.

The maximum punishment for obstructing, preventing, perverting or defeating the course of justice is up to seven years’ jail and a fine. In a statement, the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau said the case was referred to it by the CNB.

“Law enforcement officers have the duty to maintain the rule of law and uphold justice. Those who choose to obstruct the course of justice must bear the full weight of the law,” it said. The anti-graft agency added that public officers are expected to uphold the highest standards of integrity when carrying out their duties.