How to pick the most suitable test kit?

29 Jan 2019 | Drugs

With so many products in the market, are you getting the most bang out of your buck for whatever you’re intending to get? Do you know about the ‘guarantee rate’, or success rate for whatever you’re getting? Hair test, urine test, saliva test, what is the differences? Why are there 2-tests, 5-tests, and even 10-tests or more panels? What are the differences? Why are there such big price differences even in similar products in the same category? Does it mean some are more accurate than others?

We know, you have a ton of questions. Even if you didn’t initially, you should have some by now. In the world of drugs and/or alcohol testings, there is a magnitude of ways one can go about doing so. Sure, any kit could get you a result you’re looking for, but how accurate is it, is a whole another question. What if your employee is tested positive? What’s next?

Here’s where we step in. At Clarity Screening, it is our job to ensure you have the best drugs and alcohol policy in place, and it is our job to educate you on how to manage the whole process before and after the screening.

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