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Drug & Alcohol Testing Process

We operate a global network of local collectors who have the ability to perform urine, oral fluid or hair specimen collection.
The specimens are always collected in person by our local specimen collectors in order to maintain a proper Chain of Custody.
Our onsite testing services provide flexibility for the candidate and thus can improve the turnaround time for the test.

Below outlines the process of Urine Drug testing.

Urine Specimen can be collected on-site at your designated location or via our collection site.
It is screened onsite instantly using instant, immunoassay based test cups.

Specimen with non-negative results will be sent to the laboratory for confirmation testing. A non-negative specimen is not the same as a positive drug test and must not be used to the detriment of the donor.

The specimen will be immediately sealed, bar-coded, and dispatched to the SAMHSA UKAS ISO:17025 or similar accredited laboratory facility for confirmation testing.

The accredited laboratory uses state-of-the-art and fully accredited LCMS or/and GC/MS techniques to screen samples for the presence of the particular drug that was found to be present in the above screening test.

Positive results will include a brief conclusion/statement of findings, from the reporting MRO.

For example, if a positive test concerns a drug type that can be legally used within the country for medicinal purposes, the report will state whether a related medication was declared by the specimen donor at the time of the sample collection and whether the quantity of the substance found is consistent with a therapeutic dose of this medication – or not. For example, if a positive test concerns a drug type that can be legally used.

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